How Do You Follow

This class is our starting point to help us answer the question, "How Do You Follow?" Each week has a particular focus:

Week 1: We will look at what it looks like to follow Jesus closely. What does it mean to be a disciple?

Week 2: We will look at who we are following. What do we, as Christians, believe about God? As United Methodists?

Week 3: We will check in to see who is on the journey with us. What does it mean for us to be on this journey together?

Week 4: We will explore what comes next in the journey. What does it look like to be part of the church? Our church? And what is the best next step for each of us?

We have an option Sunday Evenings at the High St. Campus, Thursday Mornings at the Andover Campus, and a virtual option. Sign up below.